New Shoes! Polka dot summer shoes by Buffalo

Buffalo polka dot shoes

As I reached the end of two years of Shoe Saving, I’d like to say that I’ve come to realise that I don’t need any more shoes, and that I’ll just be sticking to the ones I have from now on, thankyouverymuch.

I mean, I’d like to be able to say that. I’m not going to, though, because that would be a big fat lie. Of course it would.

Instead, then, I’m just going to show you the first two new acquisitions since the challenge ended, which are both polka-dot patterned, both by Buffalo, and both courtesy of my sponsors at Spartoo, who have certainly been placing a lot of temptation my way recently with their new summer collections.

polka dot peep toe shoes

The first pair of shoes may be familiar to you if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, because I posted a sneak-preview of them there last week. These have taupe fabric uppers, with leather insoles and bright yellow heels, which add a nice splash of colour, and will also tie in nicely with the current trend for neons, not that I care for a second about such things.

I ordered these in my usual size 4, and they fit perfectly. I’ve so far only worn them around the house, but they were comfortable and easy to walk in: the 3.9″ heel is lower than I usually wear, but still high enough to keep me happy, and you don’t really want to go much higher than that without a platform to balance out the height, anyway! After a few hours, the toes did start to pinch very slightly, but I think that’s simply a “new shoes” issue: the fabric uppers should soften up easily enough, and I can see myself wearing these a lot over the summer: the pale taupe is really versatile, and although the yellow heel and sole is very bright, it’s over a small enough area to make it easy to wear with most other colours, I think.

(Click here to buy these.)

green polka dot sandals

The second pair of shoes might also be familiar to some of you: I wrote about these sandals last month, and thought I’d missed out because my size was already sold out by the time I was ready to order them. I kept an eye on the site, though, and my patience was rewarded when a single pair in size 3.5 came back into stock. I figured that as these are open-toed and heeled, I should be able to go down a half-size without any issues, and luckily I was right, and they’re a good fit.

green polka dot shoes

As with the peep toes, the new fabric is still very stiff, and will probably chafe my toes if I try to wear these for a long time without breaking them in first, so I’ll probably do the old “wearing them around the house with socks” tricks before their first trip out of doors: sexy!

(These also come in black, and you can get them here.)

Of course, both of these shoes are going to have to just remain on the shelves for a few more weeks, until the weather gets warm enough to wear them: roll on Spring!


  • Both gorgeous pairs. I love the bright yellow part of the first one, and the colors and style of the 2nd one (which btw reminds me of last season’s Miu Miu sandals).

  • I really like the first pair.. I don’t have much experience with the brand Buffalo – are they durable? They have them over at the Humanic store here in Prague but somehow I always felt they won’t hold well. But anyways, they look lovely!

  • I am wearing polka dot shoes today. I must have known it was the day for them!

    I have the Miu Miu version of the green polka dot sandals and I haven’t worn them anywhere yet because, well, they’re VERY high and I am a bit scared.

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