Heroes or Villains? Alice + Olivia ‘Stacey’ sandals

Alice + Olivia 'Stacey' face sandals


Alice + Olivia stiletto heel

Alcie + OLivia 'Stacey' face sandals


Alice + Olivia ‘Stacey’ sandals, £211

I wrote about Alice + Olivia’s ‘Stacey’ pumps back in March , but now this summery sandal version has been released, I feel compelled to re-visit them. In fact, I feel the need to make them the subject of a “Heroes or Villains” debate, because we haven’t had one of those for a while around here, and although I know what I think about these shoes, I’d like to know what YOU think about them too.

So, what do I think of them?

Well, I’ll start off by saying that I LOVE Alice + Olivia. In fact, it’s been one of my favourite brands this year: I have a couple of  items of clothing from the summer collection, and it would be fair to say that I’m a big fan. Of the clothes, I mean. As for the shoes – and these shoes in particular – I can only echo what I said when I wrote about the closed-toe version, which is that I don’t think I’ll ever really be down with the idea of shoes with faces. Not even when the faces in question are wearing fabulous, retro-tastic heart-shaped sunglasses.

The closed-toe version of ‘Stacey’ here was one thing, however, but this open-toed version is quite another. I can’t help but think the face will look even stranger with a set of toes poking out from under those sunglasses, and as the “lips” will be completely covered when these are being worn, that face/feet combination will be even more pronounced.

That’s just me, though. On the plus side, these are very creative, and I kinda like the bright colours they’ve used, even if I’m not so keen on the shoes themselves.

Now over to you: what do you think of these?

ShoeperHeroes or ShoeperVillains?

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