Kate Spade ‘Krysta’ pink glitter bow pumps

Kate Spade pink Krysta pumps

Kate Spade ‘Krysta’ bow pumps, $328

I somehow thought I’d already shown you these shoes, but apparently not: it must have been one of the OTHER pairs of Kate Spade shoes I’ve featured recently. Or one of the OTHER pairs of bow pumps. What can I say: I have  a certain style I like to stick to, and I make no apologies for that – especially when it means I get to admire beautiful shoes like these ones!

These shoes aren’t totally perfect for me. If I’d been the designer, I’d have given them a pointed to and a higher heel, but of course, I’m NOT a designer, and there’s a very good reason for that. The rounded toe and lower heel will be much more comfortable than my (totally imaginary) version of these shoes, but the pink glitter upper and adorable double-bow dresses them up nicely, and makes sure they look nothing like the kind of shoes I normally associate with the word “comfortable”!

How to save these shoes?

Although the colour of these is described by Kate Spade as “rose gold”, this is such a pale pink that it’ll work with just about any other colour, making these a super-easy shoe save. When you can wear a pair of shoes with more-or-less anything you like, you may as well have some fun with it, which is why, although the “fashion” thing to do would be to try to tone down the girlie pinkness of these shoes, I chose to do the “ShoeperWoman” thing instead, and amp it UP. I did try to resist the impulse to get all matchy-matchy with this one, but… I failed. And I’m not sorry.

pink shoes and floral skirt

What to wear with Kate Spade ‘Krysta’


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