Friday Fix |Christian Louboutin ‘Just Soon’ 85 striped canvas pumps

Christian Louboutin 'Just Soon' striped peep toes

Christian Louboutin 'Just Soon' stripe pumps

Christian Louboutin striped bow

Christian Louboutin Just Soon 85, $795

I thought last week’s Friday Louboutin Fix featured the best stripe shoes I’d see this year, but these? These are even better.

There are stripes – navy and white ones, too, for that perfect nautical effect. There’s a bow – an asymmetric one, which Louboutin does oh-so-well, and which I absolutely love. There’s a red tip to the toe, and a gold trim on the bow, meaning that all of my favourite summer shades are represented on this shoe, which also has a fabulous, peep toe shape, and a walkable 85mm heel.

In summary: these shoes are perfect. Total Kryptonite. And I kinda hope M. Louboutin doesn’t have any more stripey surprises up his sleeve (Figuratively, I mean. Although it would be a little bit awesome if he had shoes up his ACTUAL sleeves…), because I just don’t think my willpower is strong enough to stand up to this kind of temptation on a weekly basis!

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