Dolce & Gabbana leather Mary Jane pumps

Dolce & Gabbana Mary Janes

Net-a-Porter describe these shoes as “essentials”. Now, I’m not sure $695 shoes are ever really “essential”, but I do see where they’re coming from: these have that perfect Mary Jane shape, and are in a neutral enough colour that I can imagine wearing them over and over again, with lots of different outfits, making them the kind of shoe that becomes a wardrobe staple – and which you mourn when they finally fall apart!

As much as I like the colour it’s just a little too pale to be totally practical for me, so I’d love to see these in some brighter shades. I’m thinking red and green would do for starters, but these are such a great shape, that I can’t think of a colour they wouldn’t look good in.

If you love them in this colour right here, however, you can click here to buy them from Net-a-Porter.


  • I adore these!
    If I had loads of disposable cash I would buy them in a heart beat, even if I can’t walk in so high, thin heels.. I could learn, right?

  • I love them! I saw them too last week on NAP and I was considering putting them on May’s wishlist on my blog, but I picked other pairs in the end. I’m sure they would look even better in other colors.

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