New Look over-the-knee tassel boots


I bought these boots a few weeks ago (and then found out that Arlene of Dress Junkie has them too – great minds think alike!) but totally forgot to blog about them, even although I’ve been wearing them almost every weekend, when Shoeperman and I go out exploring the countryside!

Actually, we’ve been mostly exploring some of Scotland’s old houses and castles: they tend to have large, muddy gardens and woodland walks to wander around in, so practicality has to be the major concern when it comes to footwear on these occasions! And that’s why I bought these: I wanted a pair of boots that were reasonably flat, and easy to walk in, and which I wouldn’t mind getting muddy. The fact that these aren’t real leather actually suited me, because it means I don’t have to worry about ruining them, and I also like the fact that they have a little tiny wedge heel – it makes them more supportive than a totally flat sole, and, well, you know how I love my heels. As for the tassel – I’m not normally a fan of them, but I liked them on these boots for some reason. It comes off, though, if I ever change my mind! Oh, and although I’m wearing them over-the-knee here, you can also fold the tops down, if you prefer.

This weekend I wore these when we visited Traquair House, which is Scotland’s oldest inhabited house, with beautiful gardens and a maze to wander around, too. They were super comfortable, even although I was walking around in them for hours – not bad for £35!


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  • Gorgeous boots, tired to click on dress junkie and it’s disappeared I’m always intrigued by new bloggers xx

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