Mink clean shoe boots from Dorothy Perkins

Mink clean shoe boots
Mink shoe boots, £45

Before I go any further with this post, I should probably point out that the description “mink clean shoe boots” comes from Dorothy Perkins, not from me. On me, these would certainly be mink, but “clean”? Well, probably not: they’re a pale colour, it’s a muddy time of year – what can I say?

Despite my concerns about just how clean these would be after the first couple of wears, I still like them. You see, this winter I’ve made a resolution to wear lots of light, bright colours, as opposed to the dark shade I usually take refuge in at this time of year. I’m thinking lots of creams, golds and jewel tones, in place of the usual blacks, browns and navys. (Although I’ll probably wear those, too. You’ll never take my navy clothes away from me!)

These boots fit right in with that colour scheme, being light enough to work with pale shades, but dark enough for the brighter colours. Add an almond toe, a 4″ heel (just the right height for a non-platform), and a £40 price tag, and you’re all set!

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