Shoe Deja Vu: Giuseppe Zanotti Vs Go Jane zippered ankle boots


Yes, it’s another case of ankle-boot deja vu! This time the cuplrit is Go Jane, who’ve made this much cheaper version of the Giuseppe Zanotti zipped ankle boots I showed you back in June.

Unlike some  I could mention, Go Jane have made sure they remained on the right side of the copyright laws by only allowing themselves to draw “inspiration” from the general look of the original, rather than copying it exactly. The biggest difference is the fact that they’ve used two zips rather than four, and I must admit, I actually like cheaper version better. Gulp.

And how much cheaper are they, I hear you ask? Quite a lot, actually: the Zanotti boots will set you back $1114.80, while the Go Jane versions are just $29.40, and are also available in silver.

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