Shoeper Style Challenge: What to wear with Schuh ‘Betsy’?

Schuh betsy
Yesterday evening I put out a call on Facebook and Twitter for shoes you’d like to see styled as part of a Shoeper Shoe Challenge. The lovely Colene replied that she’d love some ideas on how to wear Schuh’s ‘Betsy’ t-barsย (which I showed you earlier this week) “without looking like a sailor/Betty Boop”, and I loved this suggestion, because:

a) I adore these shoes

b) I almost always dress like either a sailor or Betty Boop. In fact, while I would find these shoes really easy to style with items from my own closet, almost everything that immediately springs to mind falls into one of those two categories, so this is a good challenge to hand over to my readers, to get some different style ideas!

So, it’s over to you, folks! The rules are the same as ever:

1. Create an outfit to wear with the shoes shown above – if you’re using Polyvore, you’ll find them here.

2. Upload your finished image to the comments section of this post, and give us some Shoeper Shoe Inspiration!

3. Have fun!


EDITED TO ADD: In order to add an image to your comment, you’ll have to first of all save the image to your computer, then scroll down to the bottom of the comment box, where you’ll see a file uploader marked “Choose image”. Click on the box, find the image and upload it – you can then add text to the comment if you wish. Please note that while you’re welcome to link back to your image on Polyvore, if you want the image to appear in the comments, you will need to upload it as the Polyvore embed code won’t work in our comments box.


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