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First up, shout outs to Fi, Becky and everyone else who’s been writing about the Shoe Challenge on their own sites: it’s SUCH a help to have you all linking back here from your posts, so if you’ve been writing about the Challenge, please let me know so I can take a look at your posts! (I know there are at least a couple of other members who blogged about the challenge today, but honestly, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to keep up with everything, so please feel free to post your links in the comments so I can thank you properly!)

Today we’re up to an amazing 80 members, and we have lots more of your shoe collections to drool over here: as I said, I’m going to be rounding some of these up in a blog post soon, so get counting and photographing if you want to be included!

We also had quite a few new Shoe Saves today, and I started a thread in the forum where you can see all of this month’s saves in one place. Today Laanki, Momo and Roisin all posted Shoe Saves, as did Naiad and yours truly.

Yesterday in the forum we were talking about the shoes we love: today it’s the shoes we hate: always an interesting topic!

I also added a new board for Discount Codes and Coupons and Technical Help (the latter so Shoeperman can help you with any problems you run into on the site, so ask away if there’s something you’re stuck with).

I can’t wait to see who our 100th member will be!


  • Well, I wrote it would be “my personal shoe challenge” 3 weeks ago, because yours was not launched yet, and I commented how many I saved being it Shoeer Shoe callenge last year (part of this year too!) Then I saved 4 pairs before your launched the shoeper shoe challenge again! So next week I will save the 5th pair and will again tell people that it is Shoeper Shoe Challenge (yay!) I’ll let you know when I do it!
    Anyway, I am not so techie… I am figuring out how to post the saves here…
    But the site looks great for sure!

  • Is it bad that I’m waiting to join the challenge until there are 99 members so I can be number 100? It feels sort of like cheating…

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