Ruthie Davis ‘Cake’ spike heel wedges

Ruthie Davis wedges

I have a huge amount of love for Ruthie Davis at the moment, as you might have guessed from the recent posts on the brand. These shoes are perilously high, true, but they’re also pretty spectacular, no?

I like them, not just because of the spikes on the heel (spiky heels are almost guaranteed to appeal to me, and I also love the shot of hot pink here, which works so well with the tan), but because of the shape of the shoe itself. I’d love to know what these are like to walk in, because the curved sole that gives them such impact looks to be at a rather steep angle, and that, combined with the height, should make them… interesting, shall we say, to actually wear.

Want to give it a try? These are $848 and you can click here to buy them.


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