Casa Dolce polka dot t-bar shoes with bows

polka dot shoes

I have the Domestic Sluttery ladies to thank – or possibly to blame, depending on whether it’s me or Shoeperman you’re talking to  – for bringing these shoes to my attention last week: there was just no way I could possibly resist showing you these, could I? They’re pretty much begging me to buy them write about them, what with the combination of bows, polka dots, t-bars, and everything else that is wonderful. And available in red and navy, which are two of my very favourite shoe colours, too!

There’s even more good news, though: as well as being treats for your feet, these will also be kind to your bank account, costing it a mere £24.99. These are available at to pre-order now at Casa Dolce: the website says new stock was expected on April 12th, so hopefully they should be with you very soon, should you decide to treat yourself.


  • My friend recently asked me, what’s the thought behind a curved (rather than a normal, flat) platform. My guess – bc I dont wear platform heels – is that it prevents tripping and stumbling. Any confirmation of this?

  • I saw those last week on DS as well and love love love them. I’m just a bit nervous that they will be too high for me to walk in with any level of grace. I just recieved a pair of Kurt Geiger heels in the mail and I can’t even get to the copier without looking silly!

  • These are similar to the ones I was craving for. I guess there are several versions of those red polka dot heels around right now…

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