Shoeper Shoesday! Show me your shoes!

Shoeper Shoesday

It’s Shoeper Shoesday, everyone, which means it’s time for you to put your best foot forward – literally – and show off your shoes!

Here’s how to take part:

1. Take a photo of the shoes you’re wearing today, and post it on your blog
Shoeper Shoesday is an excuse to get some use out of those fabulous shoes you never seem to have the chance to wear – and to save them in the Shoeper Shoe Challenge if you’re taking part. It’s also an excuse to link up your blog and hopefully find some new readers, so if you want to prepare your post in advance, that’s fine by me: all I ask is that it be posted on Tuesday, and that it feature your shoes, either as part of an outfit post, or just a photo of the shoes themselves.

2. Link back to

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3. Put the link to your blog in the box below: your link, plus thumbnail, will appear automatically.