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Hey, you! Yes, you there, with the… shoes. Your Shoeperwoman needs you – and so do your fellow Shoeperheroes. Here’s what’s happening in the forum, and how you can get involved:

Help Siel find the perfect red pumps

Siel is on the hunt for a simple pair of red heels, and as we all know, sometimes it’s the simplest of shoes that are the hardest to find. (See also ‘basic blue jeans’, ‘the perfect black sweater’ and other items of clothing that should be everywhere, but are rarer than those Zara pumps I’ve been stalking for months now). I’ve had a quick look around my usual shoe haunts, but I’m having trouble finding shoes to fit the specifications here, so click here to find out exactly what Siel’s looking for, and help her find them!

Help Caroline find bridesmaid shoes

Wedding season is almost upon us: Caroline is bridesmaid at a wedding in August, and has a lovely pink dress to wear – now she just needs some shoes to match. There are already some suggestions in the forum, along with photos of the dress, but you can click here to help out.

Tell us how well your shoes fit

I get tons of questions every week about the sizing of certain shoes and brands, and I always really struggle to answer them, because all I can tell you is how well shoes fit ME. Because everyone has differently shaped feet, shoes fit differently on different people, and even if you wear the same size as me, what I find perfectly comfortable might be agony on you, or vice versa. In this thread, we’re asking lots of different people to tell us their experience of different brands, so we can try to arrive at some kind of conclusion on whether they run large, small, or are true to size. We’d love you to join in and tell us your experience with different shoe brands! (Click here to view the thread.)

Show us your accessories!

I’m much more of a shoe girl than a bag lady, but I know lots of you love your accessories almost as much as you love your shoes. Elaine wants to see your favourite accessories here!

Don’t forget, you can also post your April Shoe Saves in the forum here, and we also now have a dedicate Closet Challenge forum where members have been faithfully charting their clothing “saves”.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can click on the “register” button at the top right of the screen to join: and you don’t have to be participating in the Shoe Challenge to join in the discussion in the forums – everyone is welcome and we’d love to see you there!

Shoeperwoman x


  • Hello!
    If you, like Siel, are in need of help looking for the pair of perfect shoes – look no further! At you can choose the heel height, platform, straps for your pair of dream shoes! The options are endless and best of all, there are plenty of colours and materials to choose from in sizes 33-43.

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