ShoeperWoman’s Week in shoes


L-R’ Buffalo ‘Beyza’ c/o Sarenza | Pour la Victoire ‘Mai’ wedges | Buffalo court shoes c/o Spartoo

OK, so this isn’t exactly a “Week in Shoes”. It has, however, been a bit of a week from hell, so taking photos fell by the wayside rather. I’d promise to do better this week, but I’m off on vacation, and will have a very limited number of shoes with me, so that would get very old, very fast! I’ll do my best to check in when I can, though, and maybe post some of my U.S. shoe finds, so until then, here’s a small sample of what I’ve been wearing this week – and actually, the first two pairs were worn more than once (Difficult week = complete lack of creativity in terms of outfits and shoes), so it’s a fairly representative sample, too!

Feel free to post your shoe shots over in the forum and show me your own week in shoes!

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