Paco Gil ‘Crepo’ suede shoe boots

Paco Gil grey suede shoe boots with bow

Remember the Christian Louboutin Joli Dune pumps I showed you a couple of weeks ago? The ones with the weirdly high vamp? These Paco Gil shoe boots have a similar kind of style, but somehow I like them a whole lot more than the Loubies (Yes, I did just say I liked something better than Louboutin: the horror!). I think it’s possibly because those high sides are somehow more suited to a shoe boot than to a pump – or maybe it’s because of the patent bow, which sits at the toe and helps disguise the elongated footbed slightly.

grey shoes with bowEither way, although these aren’t my usual style, I do like them, and think they could work well with a winter workwear outfit: I’m thinking thick tights, pencil skirt, tweed jacket, that kind of thing. They also have a very “luxe” kind of feel to them, which I guess is a good thing, given that they fall into a “luxury” price range, at £186.

Like them? They’re available at Spartoo: click here to buy them.

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