Jessica Simpson colourblock ‘Bendie’ sandals

Well, you can certainly see where these shoes got their name, can’t you? “Bendie” by name, and bendy by virtue of those suede straps, and their amazing curves.

As nice as the shape is, however, it’s in serious danger of being overlooked in favour of those three bright colours. Blue, yellow and pink all combine here to create a shoe which definitely falls in line with the colourblock trend… but which I can’t help feeling might look dated this time next year. Will we all still be wearing the clashing colours we bought this season in one year, or two year’s time? Well, I won’t be, obviously, because I haven’t bought any, not being a huge fan of colourbocking (I know, it’s a shocking thing for a fashion blogger to admit), but will you?

If you answered “yes” to that, you can click here to buy these for £57.86 at Nordstrom.


  • I like them, but just like you wrote, not enough to buy them… I bought color blocking shoes some years ago (at the time they were outrageous… and they still are…) and wore them just once… so… not a good purchase!

  • The first thing that came to mind was how they reminded me of a few South American countries flags. A second look made me realise that the colour was actually pink and not red. Either way the impression still holds. I guess they’re be a good show to wear on the National days in those countries?

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