Guess ‘Chiti’ gold strappy sandals

Guess Chiti gold strappy sandals

Guess ‘Chiti’ gold strappy sandals, £140.50

These shoes come in gold, black and red: all have the same, asymmetric strappy design ah stiletto heel, but while the red is show-stopping and the black practical, I’m choosing to feature the gold here, because it’s just so versatile. Why don’t I own a pair of gold strappy sandals, I find myself wondering? And I have absolutely no idea what the answer to that one is (I DID once have a pair of gold strappy sandals, and I wore them until they almost fell apart, so it’s definitely not that I don’t like them), but I do know it’s an oversight I’m going to have to rectify soon!

Like most sandals in this genre, these have a delicate, barely-there kind of look. (Or they do in the gold upper: the black and red are both most definitely “there”!) This makes them the perfect party shoe, because they’ll be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, and although they won’t steal the attention away from whatever else you’re wearing, they’re not going to just fade into the background either .You couldn’t really miss shoes like this, could you?

They have a 4.3″ heel, with a small platform to offset it, and they fasten via a zip at the back of the heel making them easy to get on and off. Did I mention they’ll go with everything? Here’s just one of the outfits they’d go with:

what to wear with gold strappy sandals

What to wear with gold strappy sandals:

dress // bag // ring // watch  // earrings // nail polish // nail polish

I see from the model shot that this dress is actually a little shinier in real life than it looks in the photo: it’s a shame, because with  a matte finish it would be the perfect summer dress. As it is, though, the dressier satin fabric will still make it a great choice for wedding guest attire or similar. Anyone want to invite me to a wedding?

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