RSVP ‘Abilyn’ green and gold high heel sandals

green and gold high heel shoes

RSVP ‘Abilyn’ green and gold high heel shoes, $55.99

I’m sure my regular readers will know by now that I rarely see a combination of green and gold without loving it, and so it is with RSVP’s ‘Abilyn’.

Now, judging purely by the photo, these don’t look like the highest-end shoes I’ve ever featured, but then again, they ARE only $55.99, so I guess that’s only to be expected. For a budget buy, however, these have plenty of style: it’s a colour combination which I always find very sophisticated, and I really like the contrast between the gold heel and the green satin upper. The criss-cross design on the toe, meanwhile, is the kind of touch which adds interest without making the shoe too “fussy” – and that dark green will look perfect against bright red toenail polish!

If you’re not keen on green, these are also available in a lovely, rich purple shade, which also looks fantastic with the gold. I, however, have a strong bias towards green, and if I did own these, here’s the kind of thing I’d wear with them:

what to wear with green and gold shoes

What to wear with green and gold shoes:

dress // hair clip // clutch bag // ring // nail polish

There’s a part of me that kinda wishes I hadn’t discovered this dress, because now that I’ve seen it, I really, really want it! Not only do I love the colour (obviously), that simple, Audrey-Hepburn-esque shape is one I never get tired of wearing: in fact, I’d have dresses like this in every possible colour and fabric if I possibly could! (Well, OK, maybe not anything neon. Or… furry.) A lot of people consider green and gold to be a combination that should be reserved solely for Christmas, but while there’s no denying that it can have a rather festive feel to it, I think it also makes a great alternative to black or navy for evening wear – or any other “wear”, for that matter!


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