The perfect black pumps, by Pelle Moda

Black suede pumps by Pelle Moda

As I’ve mentioned a few times lately, for the past few months, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of plain black pumps.

When you write about shoes for a living, you see, it’s very easy to have your head turned by weird and wonderful shoes, and the brighter the colour, the more likely I am to love them. Plain black pumps are one of those wardrobe essentials, though, and earlier this year I suddenly realised that I didn’t actually own a pair. Oh sure, I have black pumps. Quite a few pairs, actually. But as much as I love the ones I have, they all have either huge platforms or oversized bows or, er, giant plastic hearts… None are exactly what you’d call “classic”, so I embarked upon a search of the perfect black pumps.

And this week, I found them:

black suede pumpsThese are by Pelle Moda and I bought them using Shopbop credit I had. (Disclosure: Shopbop is a sponsor of this site/) They were on sale, and seemed to check all of the boxes in terms of what I was looking for: a simple shape, a suede upper, a lack of embellishments, an almond toe, and, to top it off, a lovely, curvy shape.

My main problem was deciding which size to order. In the UK, I can normally be pretty sure that a size 4 will fit me, but with US brands, I have an equal amount of 6.5 and 7s, all of which seem to fit the same, so I never really know what to order. In the end I went for the 7 as it corresponds to my European size 37. The fit is just a tiny bit roomier than I would like, but not enough to require heel grips or anything, so I’d say these are pretty true to size.

Almond toe on black suede shoesThey’re also available in brown and grey, and are currently reduced to $105 in the Shopbop sale: click here if you want to buy a pair.


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