Shoe Save # 55/79: More vintage-look boots

brown mid-calf boots

WHAT: New Look mid-calf boots
WHEN: Thursday, October 10th, 2011

Houston, we have a problem. Remember how, in my last Shoe Save post, I was feeling smug about not having increased my shoe total? That very day – THAT VERY DAY – I placed an order with my site sponsors, Shopbop, which saw my total increase by two: more on those later. I’m really not setting much of an example here, obviously, so I figured it was time to up the ante with my shoe-saving, so here’s another pair of the boots I’ve been wearing-but-not-photographing lately!

Like my last save, these boots are also from New Look, and, as you can see from the heels, they’re due a trip to the cobbler very soon. They’re the brown/oxblood version of these black boots, and are super-comfortable, which means they get a lot of wear in the colder months, hence the damage to the heels.

I bought these in both of the available colourways because it’s quite unusual for me to find boots that fit well in the calf (I have more success in this area with mid-calf and thigh-high boots, which is why I own lots of those and hardly any knee highs!), and these were a nice, snug fit. They’ve served me well over the years I’ve owned them, and I’m sure they’ll last another few years too, once the cobbler gets to work on those heels, so they definitely had to be saved!

So, I have 24 more pairs of shoes to save and 13 weeks to do it in, not counting this week. That’s 1.8 pairs per week. OK, two pairs per week. Can I do it? Let’s hope so…

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