River Island shoes: new in this week

It happened again: River Island added so many new shoes to their site, all at the same time, that I had no option but to show you them all rather than choosing just one. If I was FORCED to choose just one, though, I know exactly which pair I’d pick:

River Island stripe slingbacks

Stripe slingbacks, £55

These black and white stripe slingbacks have gone straight onto my wishlist. I absolutely LOVE the bold print, and the shape is perfect, too. These are just so much fun, and while I’d like them even more without the slingback, I don’t object to slingbacks in the way so many people seem to, so I could definitely live with it.

light pink ruffle peep toesLight pink ruffle peep toes, £65

These shoes, meanwhile, fall into the small, but distinctive, category of “shoes which remind me of lingerie”. They look a bit like they belong in a French boudoir, don’t they? They’re pretty, but I have no idea how or when I’d wear them. I’d give it my best shot, though…

Gold glitter platform shoesGold glitter platforms, £45

If you were hoping to avoid glitter this season, I’m afraid you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Light pink peep toe bow shoesLight pink peep toe bow shoes, £65

Yes, it’s that’s distinctive “River Island bow”, which now seems to be popping up everywhere. I guess you know you have a popular design when other brands start copying you, right? This time it’s attached to a beigey-pink Mary Jane.

Finally, for something completely different:

Gold mid-calf bootsGold mid-calf boots, £80

I don’t wear flat boots unless I absolutely have to. If I absolutely had to wear these ones, though, I’d at least be able to take comfort in the fact that they’re probably as “glamorous” as a pair of flat boots can get.

What do you think of this selection?

(P.S. Go here for more River Island shoes)


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