Iris van Herpen x United Nude curve heel boots

Iris van Herpen x United Nude curve heel boots

Well, these are certainly different from the type of shoes I normally show you, aren’t they?

Before you go getting too excited, though, there are three things to bear in mind:

1. They haven’t actually gone into production yet, as it seems there are some (unsurprising) problems with making them actually wearable. United Nude creative director Rem D. Koolhaas said, “We are still figuring out the production because the heels are so against gravity. It’s quite difficult to develop such shapes….”  Yeah, no kidding?

2. When they DO figure out a way to make these boots happen, only four pairs will be produced. I’m guessing Lady Gaga probably already has her name down for one pair, but who’ll get the other three?

3. They’ll cost $900.

All of that seems to rule these out for most of us, but still: WOW. And once again: WOW.



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