Naughty Monkey ‘Overboard’ navy and white striped wedges

stripe slingback shoes

Oh dear. This is one of those “I kind of wish I hadn’t looked” moments for me. My bank account just can’t handle the large amount of spots and stripes it’s being exposed to right now, you see, and I feel like these Naughty Monkey slingbacks have been sent to try me.

It’s no good, shoes: you can stare at me all you want, with your nautical upper and your espadrille platform, which would be just oh-so-appropriate for summer. You can even try to tempt me with your very reasonable $69.99 price tag.

I won’t buy you, though. No, I won’t. But only because you’re in the US, and I’m willing to bet that the import duties would be almost as much as the shoes themselves. If I’d found these on a UK website? Well, that might be a different story altogether…

Naughty Monkey ‘Overboard’ slingbacks, $69.99: click here to buy them.

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