B Brian Atwood Fontanne metallic platform pumps

Gold, silver and bronze platforms by B Brian Atwood

Who says you can’t mix metallics?

Well, quite a few people, actually, if the comments I receive on some of my blogs are anything to go by: we may be happy to combine red and pink, navy and black, or all kinds of other “forbidden” colour combinations, but some people do still seem to baulk at the idea of mixed metallics – especially in jewellery. What about footwear, though? Well,  I think these B Brian Atwood pumps are the proof that it can be done – and to stunning effect, too.

These have a gold upper with a silver heel and platform, and a slice of bronze, just for good measure. The shape is pretty close to perfect, too, and while I’d probably like them even more with a slightly smaller platform, the fact that this one is so beautifully done makes me love it, too.

These are from the B Brian Atwood diffusion line, which I’ve featured a few times recently, so it’s fair to say I’m a fan! They’re $350 and you can click here to buy them at Shopbop.


  • Mixing metalics is not impossible, nor is it inadvisable, HOWEVER it is the easiest thing to get wrong and the hardest thing to get right – if you want to look cheep, tacky and tawdry – Mix your Metal, if you want to look uber-sophisticated, the same appiles. Just, you know, be careful. Having said this – Two thumbs up and tick the uber box!

  • Oh I am fall in love with these shoes!!!! *__* Where could I buy them? Your link ”click here” doesn’t work :'(…. Thank you!

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