Miss Selfridge ‘Saffi’ black platform pumps with bow

Miss Selfridge Saffi

Plain black shoes are often accused of being boring, but I have to beg to differ. Not only is a great pair of plain black pumps one of those “wardrobe staples” magazines are always banging on about, if the shape is right, they can still have a lot of impact, despite the so-called “dull” upper.

These Miss Selfridge “Saffi” platforms definitely grabbed my attention when they arrived on the site last week. I really like the little bow on the side, which makes a simple style just a little more interesting, but to be perfectly honest, I’d probably have liked these even without it. Sometimes a simple back pump is exactly what a Shoeperhero needs, after all.

Miss Selfridge ‘Saffi‘, £50: click here to buy them.


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