Giannico pink and black high heeled pumps

Giannico pink and black high heeled pumps Giannico pink and black high heeled pumps

Giannico pink and black high heeled pumps, £545

The phrase “pink and black high heeled pumps” doesn’t really prepare you for the reality of what these shoes are going to look like, does it? I mean, yes, it’s technically correct – they are, indeed, pink and black. But as soon as you realise the pink section involves a huge sphere, hanging precariously on to the ankle, they go from being simply “high heeled pumps” to “what on earth am I even looking at here?”

On the plus side, these are definitely different and unusual: I have to give them that. I love the combination of the two colours, and they’re pretty cool to look at, in an “I can imagine seeing them in some kind of art gallery” kinda way. I have a feeling that those giant spheres, however, are going to be the stumbling point for a lot of people: quite apart from the fact that they’re over-sized to the point of being ridiculous, I’m also curious to know how comfortable or practical they’d be to walk in. I’m assuming the spheres are securely enough attached that you wouldn’t have to worry about them bouncing around (or, heaven-forbid, falling off…), but I can imagine them being a little annoying every time you tried to cross your legs, say, so, as I say, curious to know what they’d be like to wear.

Here’s anther unusual pair of shoes by Giannico:

These gold heels are amazing, if a little theatrical – which I guess pretty much sums up this brand, doesn’t it? These are shoes for shoe lovers: no, they may not be the most practical styles you’ll find, but they’re different, creative, and the kind of shoes that will turn heads everywhere you go. I personally love brands like this, and while I probably wouldn’t buy them (unless I was very rich, obviously: as it is, if I was going to spend £500 + on a pair of shoes, I’d want to make sure I could wear them absolutely everywhere), I do appreciate the fact that they’re doing something totally different.

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  • Giannico has certainly used an artistic license in marketing these pumps. Their basic pump design is perfect from the shape of the stiletto heels to the pointed toes. The spheres just don’t fit, even if they had been another color or translucent. Also the lavender Mary Jane straps on the gold pumps could have been another color that compliments the scene. In spending the cost for these footwear choices, I’d already want to do some artistic licensing of my own.

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