Office ‘Vanilla Bow’ leopard print court shoes

leopard print shoes

I know it tends to be one of those “love it or hate it” things  but I love a bit of animal print on shoes, (ONLY on shoes, mind you: I’m not so keen on it anywhere else – except on animals, obviously – although I have seen people wear it well.) and tend to view it as something of a “neutral”. My leopard print pumps (er, all three pairs of them) are amongst the most frequently-worn shoes in my collection, and if I’m stuck for what to wear with a particular outfit, they’re quite often the ones I fall back on.

Which brings me to these Office pumps. These are pretty standard, really, but the bow helps set them apart, and those of you who don’t like huge heels will be pleased to see a slightly smaller one on these, although they’re still not “low”, by any means.

These are £65: click here to buy them from Office.

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