Giuseppe Zanotti gold heel-less platforms

Heel-Less Platform

Once again, I find myself rendered almost speechless by a Giuseppe Zanotti shoe. This is getting to be a bit of a habit.

Let’s talk about the most obvious thing first: these don’t have a heel. They’re constructed totally around that dish-like platform, which is built in such as way as to take all of the weight of the wearer, without the need for the slim stiletto we’re used to seeing on Zanotti designs, and which my eye keeps searching for every time I look at these.

Without a heel, it seems implausible that these would actually be wearable, but of course, heel-less shoes are nothing new: we’ve seen quite a few examples of them over the past few years, in fact (Lady Gaga is a big fan, unsurprisingly), and so we know that they CAN be walked in, although just how easily they can be walked in remains to be seen. (Wouldn’t you just love to give it a try, though? I know I would.)

I really appreciate these shoes as the work of art they are. As something to actually wear? Well, not so much: as I said above, my eye keeps desperately trying to fill in the “gap” where it thinks the heel should be, and I can’t help but be reminded of some kind of kitchen implement every time I look at them. That CAN’T be a good thing.

What do you think of these? They’re $895, and you can click here to buy them at Bergdorf Goodman.


  • These are… weird. When it comes to heels without actual heels, I prefer the shape of Jeffrey Campbell’s Nightwalker, although I don’t know how practical or wearable they actually are. I would love to try them on, just to give them a little spin, but I won’t actually buy them.

    • I wouldn’t think it would be any more than a regular high heel… shoes like these tend to have lots of support in the arch, so technically the wearer shouldn’t really notice the lack of heel. Or that’s the theory, anyway!

  • I tried them on the day they came out in Las Vegas. I spun around in them like a dream. I waited a long time to get my hands on these shoes. Now I own them and I absolutely love them. Takes a few minutes to get used to walking in them but if you’re used to super tall heels totally doable.

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