Ravel ‘Oklahoma’ pink and leopard print pumps

pink shoes with leopard print heel Ravel 'Oklahoma' pink and leopard print pumps
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Ravel Oklahoma pointed pumps, £60

Sick of stilettos? Want something a little more substantial … but still with a bit of “fun” factor thrown in? Meet ‘Oklahoma’ – a bright pink pump with a leopard print heel: it doesn’t get much more “fun” than that, does it?

As well as that awesome combination of colours, these shoes also have a pretty great shape. The heel is still high, but it’s far chunkier than most of the pumps that are around right now, which means it should feel a bit more stable to walk on. The toe, meanwhile, is still pointed, but when you combine it with that heel, the effect is much more modern than the words “pointed pump” would usually suggest. These shoes are all angles, and although they sound a little over-the-top on paper (hot pink and leopard print isn’t a combination for those of you who DON’T like your shoes to stand out, that’s for sure…), I think the reality works really well.

I also think this particular mix will work best as the focal point of your outfit, without any competing colours or prints, which is why I’ve gone for a casual look, using the colours already found in the shoe itself:

pink shoes and jeans


There’s a whole lot of pink in this outfit, but the jeans help ground it a little, as jeans always do: they tend to be my fallback for shoes that are very loud, or otherwise tricky to style. If you’re looking for a more polished look however, black would also be a good option for these shoes, or, if you think there’s no such thing as too much pink, you could always go all-out with the colour on the upper, and track down a dress in the same shade!

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