Studio TMLS pink ‘Eleanor’ bow peep toes

pink shoes with bows

If “girlie” is your middle name, then:

a) Wow, that’s an unusual middle name!

b) You’re probably going to love Studio TMLS’s ‘Eleanor’ shoes, which are as pink and bow-bedecked as you could possibly wish.

As for me, I was all set to dislike me, because as much as I like a good bow or two, three bows is starting to push it a little, and at first glance I thought they were too saccharine for their own good. The more I look at them, though, the more I start to be charmed by them: the basic shape of the shoe is actually really beautiful (look at the curve of that heel!), and I’m tempted to think that if you were to downplay the sweetness (i.e. avoid wearing them with anything pink or frilly), they could be perfect. At first I thought of a simple “jeans and top” outfit, but a neutral dress could also work – and now I’m almost completely won over. It’s funny how that happens sometimes, isn’t it?

These are £97, are also available in black, and you can buy them at Sarenza. What do you think of them?


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