South ‘Fisher’ polka dot court shoes

white pointed toe shoes with polka dots

South, ‘Fisher’ court shoes, £18

I’ve been on the lookout for an affordable pair of polka dot court shoes, ever since I fell in love with Kate Spade’s ‘Licorice’ pumps last year, and at just £18, these definitely fit the bill!

The affordable price-tag here is at leas partly explained by the canvas uppers. It wouldn’t be my first choice of material, especially not in a colour like white, which I know I’d struggle to keep clean, but it will at least be very breathable, and allow you to wear these on a warm day without that horrible “squishy” feeling you can get with closed-toe pumps and bare feet. I really hope no one was eating as you read that line.

Uppers aside, these are certainly very attractive (to me) in terms of look, and would allow me to get my polka dot fix without having to spend too much money on it. These are the kind of shoes which I can see working with lots of different outfits: the polka print makes them an obvious candidate for pin-up inspired looks (think pencil skirts or capri pants), but you could just as easily wear them with something a little more contemporary, too.

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  • I like these very much. I’m with you on the white canvas concerns, but for that much money it’s not a big problem.

  • OMG you must have been picking up on my frustrated vibes! Ive been scouting this site for the past few days looking for the ‘Big Button’ that allows me to ask a question of the Fashion Police, to no avail 🙁

    So seeing as you brought up the subject, may I ask my question here?
    Ive assumed youve said *Go for it girl* !

    And my question is – Just how does a girl avoid that ‘squishy’ feeling?! Is it possible to buy something, insert something, squirt something that stops your feet sliding around inside heels on a warm day? Please help! Your blogs have inspired me to go back to making the extra effort and dressing up, but heels make all the difference and I need help!!

    • OOPS, thatll teach me for having ALL your blogs open at once!
      Obviously I wasnt looking on THIS blog for the Fashion Police Big Button!! DOH!

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