Shoe Save # 35/77: Charity shop wedges

WHAT: Polka dot canvas wedges (Primark, via charity shop)
WHEN: Sunday, July 31st, 2011
WHERE: A day out at the coast
WITH: Polka dot dress (Miss Selfridge via eBay), green cardigan (local shop, years ago), belt (came with ASOS dress), Gucci sunglasses

A double-dose of dots from the weekend!

I’m  a bit behind with my Shoe Saves at the moment, because for once I actually managed to do what I said I would and “save” shoes every day this weekend, in a bid to get through the rest of the summer shoes before the summer’s gone.

Unfortunately, summer wasn’t very much in evidence on Sunday, for our planned stroll along the coast, but it was warm, if not sunny, so I managed to save these polka dot wedges, which I found in an Edinburgh thrift store last summer:

(Umm, I feel I have to point out that I don’t normally run in such a weird way: the sand was really deep, so it was hard to plough through it!)


Whatever it was, it was hilarious. (It was probably Rubin.)


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