Shoe Save 102/112: Surprise

metallic shoes

SHOES: Matalan metallic pumps
SAVED: Saturday, December 1st, 2012

My shoe collection has crept up again, but I haven’t actually bought any shoes, I promise! These are a pair I had actually excluded from the challenge this year, having decided to send them on their way to the charity store. As you can see, though, they didn’t quite make it there: instead, they’ve sat in my “to be thrifted” pile ever since the challenge started, and while I have managed to get rid of most of the rest of that pile (although not all of it, it has to be said…), I couldn’t quite bring myself to let these go, and this weekend I was very glad I hadn’t, because they turned out to be the perfect match for an outfit I wore on Saturday (the outfit photos are here if you’re particularly interested…). The shoes are now back on the shelves, and already safe for next year: sometimes it’s a good idea not to be TOO quick to throw something away!

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