Office mint patent ‘Kourt’ shoes

Kourt shoes by Office

OK, I give you all fair warning here: I am absolutely obsessed with mint right now. Obsessed. And yes, I know I’m more or less always obsessed with green, in all of its various guises, but it would seem that the fashion world is aiding and abetting me with the “mint” thing, because I’ve been seeing products in this shade everywhere lately: in fact, I bought a mint coloured dress just this week, and I have my eye on some more minty fresh pieces too. I may need an intervention.

Mint coloured shoes are also on my list, of course, and at the very top of that list is Office’s ‘Kourt’, which I have to point out is their deliberate spelling error, not mine. A standard shape and a beautiful colour make these almost irresistible to me, and I wouldn’t say no to the nude version either. Well, I rarely do, do I?

Want to join me in a world of minty goodness? Click here to buy these from Office, where they’re £65.

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