Shoeper Style Challenge: What to wear with Kurt Geiger ‘Class’?

kurt geiger class

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last Shoeper Style Challenge, so I thought we’d have a bit of Friday fun and indulge in a quick spot of shoe stylin’.

Now, I had approximately two minutes to choose a pair of shoes for you to style this week, so I instinctively went for my own favourite shoes of the moment: Kurt Geiger’s ‘Class’, which I’d buy in every single colour they come in, if I only could, but which I’ve selected in blue for the purpose of the challenge.

As always, the rules are pretty straightforward:

1. Create an outfit to wear with these shoes

If you’re using Polyvore, you’ll find the shoes here. (Or type “Kurt Geiger Class” into the Polyvore search.)

2. Upload your image into the comments section

You’ll find the image uploader at the bottom of the comments form. Please note: you’ll have to save the image to your computer (as a .jpg file) to upload it – Polyvore’s code will not display in our comments field. The comments box will automatically re-size your image, but if you’re trying to upload a really large file, it will reject it, as extra large images will break the site: sorry! You can find lots of free image re-sizing programmes online by searching for “online image resize” or similar.

Ready? Let’s see what you’d wear with these shoes!



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