Shoeper Style Challenge: What to wear with orange shoes?

What to wear with orange shoes?

First up, a quick note for those of you tuning in around about now for the Shoe Challenge roundup: as the challenge ends on Tuesday (a fact which I still can’t seem to get my head round!), I’ve decided to hold off the Week 52 roundup until then to allow you to get your last shoes in before the end: I figured that would make more sense than having two roundups very close together, so I hope that’s OK with everyone!

Some of you have asked for more Polyvore challenges, though, and because I never seem to tire of looking at other people’s outfits, I’m more than happy to oblige! I’ve been talking a lot recently about how orange is going to be one of the big colours of the summer season, so today I thought we’d use the Shoeper Style Challenge to answer the question which probably isn’t on everyone’s lips, but which will hopefully be fun to try anyway: What to wear with orange shoes?

The orange shoes in question are Aldo’s Capecoral pumps, and as the colour is bright, I’ve Β chosen a very simple pump, to make it a bit easier on you. As with the other challenges we’ve done (Which you can take a look at here, if you’re new to this game), the rules are simple:

1. Create an outfit to wear with the shoes shown above. (I recommend Polyvore for this, and you’ll find the shoes here.)

2. Upload it to the comments of this post.

3. Done!

Ready? Go!


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