Dress of the Day | Chi Chi London Full Midi Skater Prom Dress With Sweetheart Neckline

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Chi Chi London Full Midi Skater Prom Dress With Sweetheart Neckline, £58

I’ve long since given up doing a Dress of the Day every day – there just aren’t enough hours in the day, let alone dresses to fill them with!

Today, though, I just had to show you this one, for reasons I’m sure will be obvious as soon as you look at the photo. This is by Chi Chi London, which is a brand that’s been cropping up fairly often on ASOS recently, and which never fails to impress, with its very flirty, feminine style. This particular dress also has a bit f vintage-inspired appeal, and would look perfectly at home at a 1950s garden party. I’d imagine most of us here in 2014, however, would be buying this to wear to some kind of holiday party, though, in which case you’d possibly want to make it a little less summery by adding a sparkly gold cardigan or similar.

On the subject of what to wear with this, one of the reasons I love dresses so much is that they require very little in the way of accessorizing, and although people tend to think of them as “difficult” to wear (“Oh, I just couldn’t be bothered getting all dressed up every day!” they exclaim, as if getting into a dress is an arduous process, involving an entire team of helpers…), they are, in fact, the lazy girl’s ideal wardrobe item, as they require so little thought. Assuming it’s warm enough to wear this one with bare arms (or you’re planning to wear it indoors, at a party), for instance, all you’ll need is a pair of shoes, and you’ll be good to go.

And on THAT subject, don’t you love the shoes ASOS have paired with this particular dress? They’re by the brand’s own label, and are £45: you can buy them here.

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