Shoeper Shoesday: show me your shoes!

Shoeper Shoesday

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m now almost halfway through my Shoe Challenge (gulp!), and lately I’ve been really struggling to find opportunities to wear (and save) some of my shoes. Now, my philosophy has always been that if you don’t have an excuse to wear fabulous shoes, you just need to create one, so with that in mind, I’ve decided to re-launch the old “Shoesday” feature I used to run here every Tuesday: but to hopefully make it a little more shoeper this time around.

Shoeper Shoesday is your excuse to wear your most fabulous shoes – and save them, if you’re taking part in the Shoeper Shoe Challenge. Don’t worry, though: you don’t have to be a Shoe Challenge participant to take part in this: everyone is welcome, and all you have to do is snap a quick photo of the shoes you’re wearing today, on Shoeper Shoesday, and show me them, either by posting on your own blog if you have one, or here on if you don’t.

Shoeper Shoesday is a link-up meme, which means that if you’re posting about it on your blog, you’ll get a link back from me – and hopefully some lovely traffic and new readers as a result. All you have to do is post the link to your Shoeper Shoesday blog post into the box at the bottom of this post, and it will generate a link back to your blog, complete with thumbnail, to encourage people to click. All I ask in return is that you please link back to from your post, so the link goes both ways.

Here are the rules:

1. You must post about your OWN shoes.
Shoeper Shoesday is an excuse to get dressed up and show some love to the shoes you don’t often get a chance to wear, so your post or photo must be about your own shoes, not simply a link to a pair of shoes you like. Your post can be a full outfit shot, or just a photo of the shoes themselves: the only “rule” is that it must contain at least one photo of your shoes! (Oh, and you don;t have to write a “special” post for Shoeper Shoesday, either: if you’re a daily outfit bloggers, say, feel free to link to today’s post – as long as it features shoes!)

2. Link submissions are open for 24 hours from the time this post goes live.
The idea is to show off the shoes you’re wearing today, on Shoeper Shoesday. If you want to write your post/take your photos in advance, though, and simply publish it on Tuesday, that’s fine by me: I won’t tell if you don’t…

3. You must link back to from your post
Please note that any submissions which don’t include a link back will not be approved.

4. One link per person/blog
This shouldn’t really be an issue, because I don’t expect there are too many of you who wear multiple pairs of shoes per day, but if, for some reason, you do, please just pick one post to link to rather than submitting multiple links.

5. Have fun!

As this is our first ever Shoeper Shoesday, I’m not really anticipating many participants, but if you don’t have time to take part today, please remember to put Shoeper Shoesday in your calendar so you can take part next week! And if you are able to take part today, THANK YOU!


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