Topshop Jamaica curve heel glitter toecap shoes

 glitter shoes with toecap

Miu Miu released a high heeled version of this shoe earlier this year, which I absolutely loved. Sadly, I can’t afford Miu Miu’s prices, so these Topshop pumps could make for a more affordable stand-in. These have a slightly curved heel, which is also very “Miu Miu”: my one problem with them is the height of it. While I know pretty, mid-heeled courts are hard to find, and those of you who love them are probably jumping for joy at the sight of these, I can’t help wishing they’d gone for a higher-heel – although, then again, if they had, the temptation may have been too strong for me, so perhaps it’s a good thing that they stuck with something more sensible!

These are £55: click here to buy them.

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  • I agree with you, I think the heel needs to be a bit higher. They look a bit frumpy, which is hard to believe given the amount of glitter on them.

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