Giuseppe Zanotti metallic leather wedge sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti gold wedges

I know the last pair of heel-less Zanottis I showed you weren’t exactly popular, but these ones? Well, these ones have a little more of a heel, at least, and they have totally won my heart. I mean, just look at them! They’d work as a shoe AND as an ornament: what more could you possibly ask?

OK, I jest. I guess you could ask for them to be cheaper, because $895 is rather a lot, granted. Other than that, though, I wouldn’t change a thing, and would wear them to death if I possibly could.

What do you think? You can click here to buy these from Net-a-Porter.


  • To me, they defy the laws of physics. And I’d be forever worried that I was going to fall over the second the shoes realise that they’re not meant to support me.

  • The rear-most point on the sole is exactly where the tucked-under heel of a kitten-heeled shoe would be, so you’d be no more likely to tip over backward. I think they’re pretty cool Empress of the Galaxy shoes (speaking of defying physics).

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