Miss KG silver glitter bow heels

Miss KG silver glitter bow heels Miss KG silver glitter bow heels

Miss KG silver glitter bow heels

For me, January is a month for enjoying the simple things in life. I’m one of those awful people who wants to take the Christmas decorations down on boxing day, and I normally start the New Year feeling like if I never see another sequin, or piece of glitter again in my life, it’ll be way too soon. This year has been no exception… other than when it comes to shoes. For some reason, every pair of shoes I fall in love with right now seems to be covered in either sequins or glitter – oh, and if there’s a giant bow somewhere in the design, then so much the better.

Enter Miss KG’s ‘Cora’ heels. They’re totally out of step with my January plans to eat salad, go running every single day, and not even think about anything involving glitter, but as soon as I saw those jaunty little bows on the heels, I was lost. Now, admittedly, I’d like these better with a higher heel and maybe a slightly more pointed toe – I kind of think that if you’re going to wear a shoe like this, you may as well make it as OTT as possible. With that said, I’m sure this shape will be slightly more comfortable, and as these shoes were most definitely made for dancing, that’s got to be a good thing.

If you’re the matchy-matchy type, and you don’t care who knows it, or how un-fashionable they say it is, meanwhile, you might also like this matching handbag:

Miss Kg silver bow bag

I say ‘matching’ –  judging purely by the photo, this looks to be a slightly different shade of silver, so, on second thoughts, you might NOT want to wear it with the shoes. I would definitely want to wear it with something, though – I never could resist a big ol’ bow!

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