Shoeper Style| Do you wear socks with sandals?

socks with sandals

socks with sandals: both from ASOS

Important question for you, ShoeperStars: what do you think of socks with sandals?

Just a few years ago, of course, this would have been a non-question: socks with sandals have long been considered a huge fashion faux pas, worn only by elderly British tourists on holiday in the sun, and other people with little to no interest in looking stylish.

These days, however, things have changed, and sights like the one above are becoming much more commonplace, especially amongst young fashionistas, for whom the “chunky sandals and ankle socks” look is pretty much a go-to. I can (sort of understand) where this comes from: I’m no fan of winter boots and other so-called “practical” footwear, and would much rather be able to continue wearing my favourite peeps toes and sandals all year round. Unfortunately, the freezing winter temperatures around these parts stops me doing that – or it does if I’m going to insist on wearing them with bare feet, anyway. Wearing socks would definitely be one way to extend the use of those summery or evening-only styles, but would I do it?

For me, the answer to that would be a definite “no”. I don’t actively hate this look, and think that, if it’s done right, it can be rather cute. It’s a much “younger” kind of style than I can get away with, however, and I don’t think woolly ankle socks would work well with most of my wardrobe either, so I’m forced to leave this look to those who can pull it off, and try to forget all about those pretty summer shoes until the weather finally catches up with my fashion preference.

What about you, though? Would you/do you wear socks with sandals?

(P.S. Remember, the image in the post is just there as an example: I’m interested in hearing your take on the look in general!)


  • Noooooo not a look for me! I do sometimes wear sandals with opaque tights however, but only certain types and even then I often feel a little ‘wrong’. I think you have to be super trendy to pull this off, and sadly I’m just, well, not!

  • I actively dislike/hate this look. I cringe whenever I see someone doing it. I have a hard enough time convincing myself to wear even tights with shoes, and definitely not sandals. I did that once and I felt silly the whole time.

  • I love irony in shoes. That’s why I hate stilettos and all those shoes that scream PORN. Lack of irony is something unforgivable.
    Platform shoes and wedges are what I like most, because they don’t look “menacing” and their inherent comfort gives a hint of what’s my attitude.
    Socks (expecially colorful ones) can be really cute if paired with proper sandals. In facts, I love them. But white socks or stiletto sandals are a NO-NO!

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