Office ‘Aristocracy’ platform bow pumps

Sometimes when I’m sourcing shoes to feature here, it can bit of a slow process. I’ll look at lots of sites, and lots of shoes, and maybe see some I quite like, but nothing that really jumps out at me, which means I have to scroll on by, and keep on searching.

Other times, I come across a shoe that makes me instantly sit up straighter, smile to myself, and think, “YES. That’s GOT to appear on Shoeperwoman.”

This was one of those times.

These shoes are called ‘Aristocracy‘, and they’re £75 at Office. I’ve spoken before about red and pink, and how it’s been taking over the shoe scene this season, and the shoes in the middle of the image above are another example of that trend. They were also the first version of this shoe I came across, and the ones which made me yell out loud, and get some funny looks from Shoeperman and the dog. Once I’d taken the time to have a closer look, though I realised that the other two colourways were also worthy of inspection: while they lack the immediate impact of the red and pink, the plain black pair would be a little easier to wear (and possibly even office appropriate, if your work environment doesn’t prohibit huge heels and platforms, that is), and the black and white pairing has a more classic feel, as well as being a colour combination I never seem to get tired of.

The giant bow is the other stand-out feature of these shoes, and I like the way it drapes over the sides of the vamp. As well as being a contrasting colour, it’s also a contrasting fabric in the case of the plain black and black/white shoes, with the bow and platform being suede, while the rest of the upper is leather. The pink and red version, meanwhile, is all suede.

So, what do you think? Are they shoe aristocracy, as the name suggests? If you think so, you can click here to order a pair from Office. Which colour would you choose?


  • I love the red/pink ones!!! I only have two problems with them: firstly, they’re £75, which seems a bit much, and second, I can’t order from Office anyway.

  • The black pair with the dual materials are luurrvely… At five foot ten inches though, I should look away (trying to wean myself onto mid heels is SO hard – sigh…)

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