Court Shoes: New Look platform t-bar courts

When I was looking at the New Look website earlier today for my post about polka dot shoes, I couldn’t help but notice these:

“It’s OK,” I told myself, “I’m going to be able to resist. I mean, I don’t really need another pair of black shoes, and they look a little bit like my Kurt Geiger Ediva pumps, which I like better. My money is safe from you, New Look!”

Then I found this version:

Aaaand now I’m in trouble. Because even although I don’t need another pair of beige court shoes either (as evidenced by the second level of my shoe storage shelves), there’s just no getting away from the fact that I want them.

I love the t-bar and bow combination, and I also love the colour of these, which would be so versatile, and would work in summer or winter. They’re not real leather, but then again, they are only £27.99, and you wouldn’t really expect them to be for that price.

I’m doing my best to resist. I may or may not have added them to my Wish List, though…


  • I noticed them as well (in fact I was going to write about them tonight), and I think they’re lovely, but I do have an issue with the toe pointing upwards. Not only does it look a bit ‘off’ to me, I’ve experienced in the past that such a shape makes it a bit hard to walk in shoes like that.

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