Charlotte Olympia ‘Jospehine’ heart-heel pumps

black platform shoes with red heel and heart detail

red high heel shoe with black heart

Charlotte Olympia ‘Jospehine’ heart-heel pumps, £601.63

It wasn’t intentional, but today seems to have ended up being all about shoes with unusual details on the heels, so I thought these were the perfect shoes to end with. Well, we were long overdue a Charlotte Olympia shoe here, no?

These are called ‘Josephine’, and have the instantly identifiable ‘Charlotte’ shape, with their chunky platform and super-high heel. They also have a little black heart sticking up at the top of the heel, which is why you’re seeing them here today. It’s definitely one of the more unusual versions of a “heart shoe” I’ve seen, I’ll have to give it that!

I love Charlotte Olympia shoes, and I also love shoes with hearts. It goes without saying, then, that I’d also love these, but actually… I don’t. I like them well enough (and I particularly like the contrast of the red stiletto heel against the black upper), but they’re neither my favourite Charlotte Olympias OR my favourite shoes with hearts: I can’t help thinking the heart looks like one of those pull-tabs you sometimes get on tightly-fitted ankle boots, to help you pull them on.

I choose the black version of these to show you purely because these are the ones in which the heart is most obvious. These also come in brilliant turquoise (gorgeous) and pale pink satin (pretty and delicate), and they’re £601 at Far Fetch. What do you think of them?

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