Keysocks: socks you can’t see!


Over the course of my fashion and shoe blogging career, I’ve had the occasional question about how I manage to wear so many of my shoes with bare feet, without the shoes rubbing or causing blisters.

To be perfectly honest, this isn’t something I’ve ever really had an issue with: as long as the shoes fit properly they shouldn’t cause blisters, and any time I DO suffer for my shoes, it’s normally because I’ve tried to walk for miles in brand new stilettos, which isn’t really a great idea whatever you’re wearing with them.

I know a lot of my readers find it much more comfortable to wear their shoes with socks, though, so I thought I’d show you this little product I came across yesterday, which promises to give you all the comfort of socks without the actual appearance of socks. They’re called Keysocks, and as you can see, they’re cut so you can’t actually see them when you’re wearing trousers, meaning that you get the look of bare feet in pumps, without any of the discomfort some people experience.

Obviously the biggest drawback with these is that they will only work with trousers, and with closed toes (if you want to wear a skirt or dress, you could always go for good old “footie” socks!) but they do look invisible in the product shots at least.

What do you think of this idea? Is it something you can see yourself using? If you can, these start at $7.95 per pair, and you can buy them here.


  • I’m always surprised that people prefer wearing tights in heels. I have too much movement in my ankles, and if I wear tights in my heels I’m much more likely to step over than if I go bare foot.

  • I kind of use to do something like this, only the holes were cut on the bottom of the sock, from my ballet dancing days. I would totally wear these. Especially for flats and since I tend to like the look of flats with a pair of skinny jeans, these would work for me. I often find that the ‘footies’ tend to slip off of my heel, but these would solve that problem.

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