Ask Shoeperwoman: Why don’t celebrities’ shoes fit properly?


Last night I was looking at some of the Google search terms that bring people to this site (always an interesting exercise!) and I was surprised to find that one of the popular searches was this one:

Why don’t celebrities’ shoes fit properly?

Ah, you’ve noticed this too, mysterious searchers! A lot of the time when I look at red carpet photos, I notice that the famous people’s shoes often look either much too big or painfully small: the reason for this is that many celebrities don’t actually own the shoes or clothes you see them wear on the red carpet – they simply borrow them for the evening from the designer in question. Rather than send out a brand new pair of shoes, which they’ll then be unable to sell, the designer will often send out a sample pair, which may or may not be the right size for the celebrity in question, hence the multitude of red carpet photos featuring celebrities looking like they’re playing dress-up in their mother’s shoes.

Personally I’d much rather buy my own shoes and be able to walk in them than wear a free pair which are four sizes too large, but then again, I’m not a celebrity…

(I’ll be answering some more shoe-related questions soon, but if you have any others, feel free to drop me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer!)


  • I always look at celebrity’s shoe-pictures – not only because I love shoes, but to see if the shoes fit, and very often we see them wearing shoes that are not their size… and as for me, I take a good look before I leave home, because I’m a size 4.5, but have to buy size 5, then – I find very few “4.5” and I don’t like/want sike 4 smashing my feet! So I have to wear insoles, very often… I find very ugly to “show” the shoes really don’t fit… like the picture you posted! (Yikes!)

  • I’m always worried that if I do buy a size bigger (for whatever reason…fit, only ones left, LOL!) then everyone will see that little bit of extra gap at the back and will subsequently laugh at me behind my back.

    Or maybe I’m just too paranoid?!

  • I am so guilty of buying my open toe shoes a 1/2 size bigger and I do see a “SMALL” gap sometimes. LOL But never like the above picture that looks a whole size bigger. So I don’t feel so bad now. LOL!

  • You know, I understand this whole “borrowing shoes” thing, but these are black patent pumps. Wouldn’t that be something nice to have in your closet…in your size?

    I’m frankly impressed more celebrities don’t take a header on the red carpet walking around in shoes that are at least a size too big.

  • How would you walk in those ones in the photo? Seriously?!? Agree with the poster above, what celebrity can’t fork out for black patent pumps, CL or otherwise? Name and shame Shoeperwoman please?

  • Their feet are all gonna be trashed when they get older, especially if they persist in wearing too-small shoes. I’d rather buy one or two really good pairs and just wear those.

  • If I (for some reason) had shoes that big and my foot kept slipping, I’d just take them off and walk barefoot. Surely it’s better to get dirty feet than cripped feet?

  • If I was as rich as most of these famous ladies are, I would much rather pay for my own shoes in the correct size than borrow a pair that doesn’t fit. Can’t understand why they don’t do this…too-big shoes look silly….I guess it’s just greed.

  • sometimes I buy my shoes half a size larger because my feel swell during the day, but whose feet are those above? Her feet are liable to fall out of those shoes at any second?

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  • As a girl that rarely has to wear heels, I’ve figured out why they wear larger shoes. Your feet swell like freakin’ sausages after about 30 minutes in them! I’ve spent a fortune on great dress shoes that fit beautifully in the store, only to have puffy miserable feet a while later. I used to think there was something wrong with me with the way my feet swelled, so I started asking friends that always wear heels and the ladies that worked in the shoe departments and they all said that their feet swell a lot as well, just part of the pain of wearing girl shoes. I wish I’d known. I have a pair of medium-heel height Badgley Mischka’s that I wore for about 20 minutes before I slipped them off under the table and danced barefoot. They look pretty in the closet or on my feet if I’m sitting, but if I actually have to walk in them, forget it. I’m buying a lot bigger next time and they’ll fit great 30 minutes later.

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