Dune Bagpipes Sequin Shoe Boots

Dune Bagpipes Sequin Shoe Boots

Dune Bagpipes Sequin Shoe Boots, £99

There was a time, not so long ago, when I’d have considered a sequinned shoe boot to be one of the most useless fashion items ever: right up there with peep toe boots and short-sleeved sweaters, in fact. (Which, by the way, I STILL don’t understand. It’s cold enough for a sweater, but warm enough for bare arms? What kind of climate IS this?)

Last Christmas, however, I happened upon a pair of glittery shoe boots in New Look. (Yes, I know glitter and sequins are not the same, but they’re both sparkly, and kinda impractical for daytime wear, so go with me here…) I didn’t buy them (even although I secretly wanted to), so they sold out completely, and at that point I realised they were the greatest things ever, and that I was stupid for not getting them.

I still kinda think that, to be honest. If these were red, or green, or ANY colour other than black, I probably wouldn’t be interested. I’d still consider them totally impractical and a little bit ridiculous. The fact that they ARE black, however, means that the sequins create the impression of texture rather than shine: they still have a little bit of glitz and a whole lot of glam, but they’re a little more toned down than they would be in another colour. The shoe boot shape, meanwhile, means they’ll work just as well with skirts and dresses as they will with trousers, making them the kind of boots I actually CAN imagine wearing as eveningwear.

I guess the only remaining issue is this: what on earth do they have to do with bagpipes?

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  • If you find the solution to the bagpipe link dilemma, be sure to let me know. I don’t understand it either.

    I would not wear these, but I would not deny anyone else the opportunity to wear them either.

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