Carvela ‘Samba’ red suede ankle boots

Carvela 'Samba' ankle boots

Carvela ‘Samba’ red suede ankle boots, £150

I love these boots. So, so much. I love everything about them: the red suede upper, the elegant pointed toe, the over-sized zip on the side. They’re the perfect ankle boots, basically.

And, of course, I didn’t discover them until they were already sold out in my size. D’oh. It’s a shoeper tragedy, people!

I might not be able to buy these, however, but you still might – if you wear a size 6.5 or 7.5, that is. Those are the two sizes still available at Sarenza: please don’t hate me if neither of those are your size! I did have a quick Google to see if I could track them down elsewhere, but while they are still available in black or tan leather, so far I haven’t found them in this red suede, which is the thing that makes them truly special, I think.

I will keep looking. I will also keep refreshing the Sarenza website every few minutes, because you never know, do you? Sometimes it pays to be persistent!

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